Smoked Pork Roast Recipe

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We also used the spice rub on a whole chicken and still have some left over stored in an airtight container for the next pork roast or chicken we grill. The flavor filled dry rub recipe made enough for the pork roast plus a couple of extra uses.

Simple Smoked Pulled Pork Butt Shoulder

Cover all sides of the pork roast with the dry spice rub patting it onto the surface of the meat.

Smoked pork roast recipe. This roast has an amazingly sweet slightly hot zing to it. How to make the best smoked pork roast. The best smoked pork loin roast recipes on yummly sausage stuffed pork roast with apricot mustard glaze smoked pork loin with summer spice dry rub smoked pork loin with blackberry chutney.

I like to start by brining the pork roast before smoking. Pork butts can weigh 4 to 14 pounds and usually have a shoulder blade bone in them. You can find pork shoulder roasts in your local grocery shopping club or butcher.

I just love multiple cooking if im bbqing i try to put a roast on or ill do wings and then freeze whatever ive cooked till i figure out what ill make with them. Think smoking braising or slow cooking. Sure saves lots of time.

Some butchers remove the bone and sell boneless butts. Is there anything more satisfying than succulent smoked pork. Any recipe that includes pork roast should take its time and use a moderate temperature for maximum flavor and tenderness.

Ill post the recipe when i decide what ill do with this beaut. You can buy the pork butt with the bone in and it will help hold the meat together or you can purchase boneless that is held together by a string because the meat falls apart easier. Heat up the smoker for these high impact high flavor smoked pork recipes from your favorite food network chefs.

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